Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Sometimes disputes arise in business and personal life. When they do, Morgan Coakle can help.

We can help resolve your dispute in the most appropriate and effective way. Our team are skilled negotiators and tacticians who will focus on achieving the best outcome for you, while minimising your financial and non-financial costs.

Asset Recovery

We have a wealth of experience in asset recovery, bringing our effective, problem-solving approach to what can often be a highly-charged environment. We offer you a dependable team who are skilled at providing prompt and cost-effective advice – whichever side of the dispute you may find yourself in.

Media and Marketing

If your business includes sales and marketing, or any media involvement, our proactive and prompt advice can help – whether it is ensuring compliance with the relevant law or resolving problems that arise.

Specialist services in media and marketing:

  • Advertisements and competitions
  • Advertising and broadcasting standards
  • Online advertising and website terms of use
  • Defamation
  • Privacy and information law
  • Anti-competitive conduct


Our services include:

  • Commercial and contractual disputes
  • Company receiverships and liquidations
  • Security enforcement and debt recovery
  • Property and building disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Family and relationship disputes
  • Defamation, information and privacy
  • Insurance disputes
  • Testamentary disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Fair trading and consumer disputes
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Securities enforcement
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Personal Property Security Agreements
  • Creditor disputes and compromises
  • Director’s liability
  • Litigation

People to talk to: