About us

Why choose Morgan Coakle?

With a history stretching back to the early years of the last century, Morgan Coakle has a deep understanding of the New Zealand legal system, as well as a proud record of working with clients to achieve their goals. We nurture long-term relationships, so our clients can pick up the phone and talk to us about what they need and how we can help.


Progressively minded but respectful of tradition, Morgan Coakle will help you find the best route to a resolution – whatever form that may take. 

Adding value, not cost

We always look for ways to contain costs and solve problems in a commercially economic way. We achieve this via a range of measures, including the way work is allocated among our team, transparent invoicing, and our ‘fair measure’ approach to charging on files. 


Our roots stretch back to the early 1900s but the firm in its current form took shape in 1960 when Michael Robinson, a well-known and respected Court lawyer, and Alfred George (Alf) Morgan-Coakle joined in partnership. On Michael’s death his son David Robinson joined the partnership and continued with the litigation work the firm had built its reputation on.

Many Morgan Coakle partners and staff have gone on to enjoy distinguished careers as judges. Through four decades of practice, Alf, a general practice lawyer with an enormous breadth of knowledge, guided the firm and left an indelible imprint of how to practice law with integrity and respect. 

If you want to explore what is possible, get in touch.