It’s the aim of every business to have skilled, resourceful people working effectively together. Reaching that goal requires sound recruitment and employment practices, clear policies and agreements, effective staff communication, and prompt dispute resolution.

Morgan Coakle can help you develop, implement and monitor best-practice employment policies in your workplace. We can also help you resolve disputes – and avoid them occurring in the first place – with timely and practical advice.

Talk to us today about:

  • Employment agreements, policies and procedures.
  • Working with you to manage relationships with staff.
  • Health and safety issues, policies and procedures.
  • Disciplinary issues and performance management.
  • Protection of information and restraints of trade.
  • Privacy in the workplace.
  • Human rights and harassment.
  • Restructuring and redundancy.
  • Working with you to resolve personal grievances.
  • Employment Relations Authority and Employment Court matters.

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