Asset Planning and Estates

You have worked hard for your assets, so it is only natural to want to retain some control over them. Asset planning is all about addressing important issues before any risk arises. This is where Morgan Coakle can help.

We will help you work out a strategy that achieves the outcomes you are looking for. Whether it is protecting your personal assets from business risk or providing for your family’s future – there is no time like the present for a bit of forward planning.

We also prepare and advise on Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney that are tailored to meet your needs. Our experienced and caring staff provide for the individual requirements of our clients throughout their lifetime and beyond. We consider it a privilege to handle the estates of our clients, with our last act of service being the efficient and timely wind-up of our clients’ estates, providing their executors and beneficiaries with the same excellent service we provided to our client.

When required, we are assisted by our family law team who have expertise in dealing with claims that might be made against your estate after death.

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