Litigation and Dispute Resolution

It’s a simple reality that disputes often occur in business and personal life. When they do, Morgan Coakle can help.

Our specialist litigation and dispute resolution lawyers will support you in resolving to resolve the problems you’re facing. We’ll talk through your options, and advise on the best path to take.

We can help resolve your dispute in the most appropriate and effective way. Our team are skilled negotiators and tacticians who will focus on achieving the best outcome for you, while minimising your financial and non-financial costs.

Our litigation and dispute resolution services include:

  • Commercial & contractual disputes
  • Company receiverships & liquidations
  • Security enforcement & debt recovery
  • Property & building disputes
  • Employment disputes
  • Family & relationship disputes
  • Defamation, information & privacy
  • Insurance disputes
  • Testamentary disputes
  • Resource management disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • Fair trading & consumer disputes
  • Mediation and arbitration


People to talk to:

John Bierre
Kevin Muir
Rob Hay
Kavita Deobhakta
Sarah-Jane Telford