Employment, Heath & Safety

It's the aim of every business to have skilled, resourceful people working effectively together.

Reaching that goal requires a number of things – sound recruitment and employment practices, clear policies and contracts, effective staff communication, and prompt dispute resolution.

Morgan Coakle can help you develop, implement and monitor best-practice employment policies in your workplace. We can also help you resolve disputes - and avoid them occurring in the first place - with our timely and practical advice.

For employers and employees, our services cover:

  • Advice on recruitment practices
  • Drafting of employment agreements, and job descriptions
  • Negotiating collective & individual agreements
  • Relationships with staff & unions
  • Injunctions to prevent strikes or unfair competition
  • Health & safety issues, policies and procedures
  • Performance management advice
  • Dismissals, retrenchment & redundancies
  • Protection of information & restraint of trade
  • Privacy in the workplace
  • Mediation & arbitration
  • Defending employment related prosecutions
  • Personal grievances & employment law litigation

(Employment Relations Authority, Employment Court, High Court)

People to talk to:

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