Map of entrance to Morgan Coakle

Morgan Coakle client car parking is located at the rear of the AIG Building on Chancery Street.

  • On the intercom keypad press 05 followed by the bell symbol to call Morgan Coakle.
  • Wait for our receptionist to answer and lift the gate for you.
  • She will give you a car park number to park in.
  • Once the gate opens take the left hand side of the car park (not straight down the ramp).
  • Take the 1st turn on the left and you will see the Morgan Coakle car park signs on the left.
  • The lifts to our floor are located through the dark grey door (next to car park 90).
  • Once you are through that door turn left and you will see the lift lobby ahead of you.
  • Morgan Coakle is located on Level 9.

Download Parking PDF