Elizabeth Heaney - Lawyer

Areas of specialty:

Elizabeth is fortunate enough to have had litigation experience in New Zealand and Australia in a wide range of practice areas including negligence, defamation, intentional torts, equity, contract, consumer law, employment, criminal, family, immigration, insolvency and intellectual property.

Elizabeth enjoys the challenge of working across a broad range of practice areas but is particularly interested in litigation relating to trusts, wills, estates, elder law and relationship property.

Professional Background:

Elizabeth graduated with BA/LLB (Hons) from Auckland University in 2007. She began her legal career working as a paralegal in some of New Zealand and Australia’s largest firms. In 2011 she was admitted to the bar in New Zealand and New South Wales and worked in a general litigation practice in Sydney. In 2015 she returned to New Zealand, where she worked at a boutique firm specialising in trust litigation.

What you can expect from me:

My aim with every dispute is to find a practical solution that is both considered and cost effective. The best way to achieve that is to work collaboratively with you in a way that meets your needs and objectives. You can expect me to be clear, approachable, enthusiastic, and to help you find a workable solution when it seems impossible.

What gives me job satisfaction:

Every litigator likes to win. But what gives me more satisfaction is thinking creatively to achieve a timely, cost effective result that enables my clients to move on with their lives and their business.

Interesting fact about me:

I am a trained actor – acting and law are more similar than you may think!

Things I enjoy outside work:

Outside of work I am most likely to be found simultaneously entertaining a toddler, catching up with friends, planning the next weekend’s escapades out of Auckland and cooking a feast – often while balancing a drink in one hand. In the rare quiet moments I like to swim in the sea, read, listen to podcasts and go to the theatre.